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Hello everyone! My name is Bella, and I have just taken over as mod here at Femslash_Land and will be getting things running again very soon! Hooray!

However since the comm has been on such a long break I realise that people's situations may have changed etc etc, so I thought it would probably be a good idea in terms of making sure the Teams have similar numbers of members if I got everyone who still wanted to play to give me a shout.

So, if you're reading this and you want to join the fun, whether you are a new member wanting to join or an old member (including Team Leaders, please), PLEASE FILL OUT ONE OF THE FORMS IN THIS ENTRY.

If you do not reply to this entry I will assume that that means you no longer want to play.

As far as I can see, the teams are a bit unequal at the moment in terms of numbers, so it may be necessary to move a few people around. Obviously I only want to move people who don't mind being moved, so if you really don't want to move, please say so and I promise I won't move you.

For those who are new (or have forgotten!) the teams are; team_canon team_crossover team_subtext team_sweeps

But remember these team names are names only, so if you're on Team Canon, for example, that does not mean that you are only allowed to use Canon pairings in your entries! Everyone can always use any type of pairing, regardless of what team they're on.

If You are a returning player, please use this form;

If You are a new player, please use this form;

Thanks very much! Hope to have you all back.

I'll post more info about the schedule etc after I deal with making sure all the Teams have enough members!
Tags: !additional info, !apply, !mod
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