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Scheduling Info for Phase 2

Hello everyone

Here's a quick breakdown of the way the challenge schedule is going to run for Phase 2.

- The first set of challenges will be posted next week on Sunday 27th February.
- The Phase will end on Sunday May 29th.
- The deadline for Challenges will always be on a Sunday at 8pm GMT (What's that in my Time Zone?) and the next set of challenges will be posted then too. Remember you can enter a challenge as soon as you've completed your entry, you don't have to wait until the deadline to post it!
- Each week there will be 2 challenges, these will be a mix of Fic challenges, Graphics challenges, Games/Puzzles, Collaborative challenges (in Teams or pairs) and other challenges which don't fit in any of those categories!
- Each month there will be a long challenge lasting the whole month which will require a bit more work than the weekly challenges, again this will be a mix of different types of challenges as above.

Hope that makes sense, if you have any questions ask away.

Also don't forget that if you want to play in this phase you need to comment on this post even if you played in Phase 1, because I need to know who's still playing so I can make sure the teams have equal numbers.

On Friday 25th February I will go through and remove as members from the comms anyone who hasn't told me they're still playing.
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