Bella (bella_farfalla) wrote in femslash_land,

Summer Break

Well today marks the end of Phase Two, which I do hope you've all enjoyed!

I'm actually going travelling over the summer so we will be having a slightly extended summer break and Phase Three will therefore start on Sunday 25th September. (Unless I get arrested/kidnapped/stuck in another country for some other reason! haha)

Anyway, while I'm away it would be really helpful if you could comment on this entry and tell me;
A) Which challenges you enjoyed so much you wouldn't mind me repeating next phase (or which challenges you can think of variations for to make them a bit different next phase)
B) Which challenges you really really hated and will throw rocks at me for if I repeat them next phase
c) Any challenge ideas we didn't do but you think would be fun to try next phase!

Thank you for all being awesome and particpating and putting up with me when I made mistakes with points and times and stuff! I love you all. :)
Tags: !additional info, !mod
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