Bella (bella_farfalla) wrote in femslash_land,

Phase 3 Suggestion Post

Suggestion Post

Hello everyone. As you know the new phase will be starting again in a couple of weeks, and a sign up post will be put up nearer the time. However before then, I wanted to give you all the chance to make any suggestions you might have. Can be anything you like, from suggestions for challenges, to other activities we could do, or how long you thing the phase should last, or how many challenges should be posted at a time. Anything you can think of that would make this phase better. I'd be particularaly interested in any dieas you might have about how to increase participation.

So get suggesting, and I look forward to seeing you all sign up again when I post the Sign Up Post on 20th September (that's when I get back from travelling).
Tags: !additional info, !community
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