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Explanation of Bonus Points

From now on we're going to have a couple of extra ways to earn bonus points for your team which I will explain here.

On the spreadsheet there will be a column labeled 'Bonus' where any bonus points scored will be added (except for the Sig Banner and Team Icon points which will be added to each challenge's points).

Sig Banners
As in previous phases, you will earn extra points for using a signature banner with any entry to a challenge.

Your sig banner should be 300x150 pixels in size and should say your name and your Team's name. You may of course use more than one banner throughout the phase, and use ones that other people have made for you.

You will earn 2 bonus points per challenge for using your sig banner when entering.

Team Icons
You can earn 2 extra bonus points with every challenge entry if you post your entry using a Team Icon, that is an icon which says your Team's name.

You may share Team Icons within your team.

So if you enter a challenge using both a Team Icon and a Sig Banner you get 4 extra points.

Member of the Week
Each week I will use a randomiser to pick a Member of the Week out of the members who participated in the previous week's challenges, who will not only receive 50 bonus points, but will also have a post where other members can leave gifts for them, such as drabbles, icons, sig banners, etc. You will get 10 bonus points for making a gift for the member of the week.

To encourage participation you can earn an extra 10 bonus points for every 5 challenges that you enter. (This does not include voting on challenges). These will only be added on at the end of the phase.

Permanent Pimpage
Every week I will randomly pick a member and take a look at their journal, if they are linking to the community either on their userinfo or in their journal's layout somewhere then they will get 20 bonus points. (And I get to feel like a public health inspector or something... erm, yay?)

Random Events
Every so often there will be random events and challenges on top of the usual challenge schedule where you may be able to earn bonus points.

Those are the current ways to earn bonus points. If you have any questions or if anything is unclear please do comment and I'll do my best to explain. Also if you have any suggestions for ways to earn bonus points let me know those too!
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