Emily Jo (ajaxsav) wrote in femslash_land,
Emily Jo

Phase 5 Members Cut

Hey gadies, I'm going to be cleaning out the member lists of both femslash_land and femslash_planet over the next few days. If you have not APPLIED FOR A TEAM, you will be cut from the communities. Remember, everyone needs to re-apply for the new phase! If you have not done so, I can only assume that you are no longer interested in participating in the community and you will be removed.

You should be able to view THIS entry.
If you would like to re-apply after being cut, follow the link above.

Edited (9/16): All cuts have been made. I triple checked through the spreedsheet to minimize errors, but please, please comment to this post if you think you have been incorrectly removed. So far I have only caught one mistake. Which means I did really well or really, really bad.
Tags: ¡modly buisness, ¡ph5
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